PMO, Program and Project Management

Our Program management services present a piece of mind to our clients, where we provide the knowledge and know-how that facilitate executing our clients’ projects on budget, on time, and without compromising the quality. Program management is at the heart of the core services delivered by our consultancy firm. We provide BMP’s (Best Management Practices) to mitigate risk whilst maintaining safety, assuring quality, and maximizing our clients return on investment.

Design Management

We assist in facilitating communications and collaboration between the design partners. We have several “key software’s” that assist us in organizing the design workflows and collaborating in an efficient manner. This in turn minimizes the amount of inconsistencies, clashes, and re-work that would be required otherwise.

Tender & Procurement

Our services in this part of the project include the folowing:

  • Estimation and Scale Evaluation.
  • Procurement Strategy.
  • Procurement Consultancy.
  • Publishing Adverts.
  • Sourcing Suppliers.
  • Preparing PQQ and Tender Documents.
  • Private Sector Procurement.
  • Evaluating and Selecting suppliers.
  • Commercial Evaluation and due diligence.
  • Training, Development and Continuous Improvement.

Contracts Administration

We present to our client the planning, development, and structure of contracts. These functions include an understanding of all the major components of the contract such as deliverable dates, disbursement dates, organizational workflows, language of document precedence, change procedures, AHJ’s, contacts, project requirements, etc… In doing so we can setup the project for success from the beginning, as it is a binding document for all parties involved.

Construction Management

We use our plethora of previous experiences, industry know-how, and modern software’s to control/implement cost-effective, sustainable construction methods, and innovative thinking/planning to meet our clients’ needs while preserving and protecting the surrounding public and environment. We pride ourselves in our ability to facilitate pre-planning by utilizing LEAN principles, BIM Software, Project Control and Documentation Management software as well as consistent follow up procedures to ensure that the project goes according to plan and as smoothly as possible.

Commercial Management

In our role as commercial managers, we play a critical part in the commercial and financial success of a construction project or any other business facet to help our clients succeed and reduce the risk that they take on when pursuing a project. Our excessive knowledge in both the constructability aspects and the business/economic inputs allow for us to cater to our clients bottom line.

Your trusted advisors making the difference.