smart solutions technology

At Precipio we take into account all aspects of managing our clients project(s). In order to do so effectively and to tie in all of the components we perform a study to recommend certain software’s and cloud-based platforms to cater to our clients’ unique requirements.

Precipio has collaborated with cutting edge technology providers over the years. The construction technology revolution has taken shape and we want our clients to benefit from it ASAP. Therefor we are constantly on the look out for emerging platforms and tech, trying and testing them to understand their minute details, in order to bring them to our clients and partners in the Middle East. These platforms allow all of the key stakeholders to communicate efficiently and it minimizes inconsistencies, re-work, and lack of information at any given time.

One such cloud based platform that we may recommend is Sablono. This is a cloud-based tracking tool. It allows the Admin to setup a project or combination of projects (this does not have to be construction based, it is commonly used in logistics settings and other workflow related operations) and grants access/permissions to key stakeholders so that they may update the tool on the go. This ensures that the processes and their respective durations are tracked and known at any given time. This simplifies the ability to forecast and plan ahead towards successfully completing a project.

Bluebeam is another extremely versatile tool. It can be used as a simple PDF editor or a full on cloud-based server. With-in the avenues of this powerful platform, you can edit/review contract drawings and documents, create a conformed set that can be updated with bulletins and versions of sheets, create fillable forms and inspection checklists, collaboratively perform constructability reviews or design reviews and so much more.

Contact us in the inquiry section down below today to setup a meeting with a member of our team. We can then discuss which platform or combination of platforms will benefit you the most for your specific project(s) and why.